Parlez-Vous Francais? Wee!

Le sigh. I just got back from a life-changing three days in Paris. I don’t remember most of it because jet lag disorder had me so delirious that I didn’t know my own name.

But. Life-changing.

Jenny Avocado in a red berret and black intellectual glasses

The architecture. The history. The wine! The way they manage to eat cheese with every meal and their farts still don’t smell.

Americans are so unrefined.

This trip was all about finding myself and also finding my passport because I was pretty sure I had lost it three years ago.

So, natch, I scheduled some time in my diary (that’s what the French call their calendars, FYI) to meditate in the heart of the city.

Jenny Avocado meditating in Paris, France

I really feel like I raised my vibrations. #GetOnMyLevel

More later. I’m très fatigué and also want to post some pics on the ‘gram and make all my friends jealous.

Jenny’s To-Do List

  1. Upload photos.
  2. Make friends.



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